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A collection of brandies with sophisticated taste.

The winery is equipped with reinforced concrete tanks and metal fermentation vessels with a capacity of 2,300,000 liters. The aging of the brandy takes place in oak barrels. The distillation is performed with an MM-72 distillation column with a capacity of 72 tons of mash for 24 hours.

Apricot brandy

Plum brandy

Cherry brandy

80 years of tradition and quality.

The distillery of "Vinprom-Kyustendil" JSC is located in the village of Granitsa. It was built in 1945 with the purpose of processing grapes from the vineyard masses Granitski Pamid and Cabernet Sauvignon. Over the years, the winery has primarily established itself for the production of fruit brandies, as viticulture is less common in this region. The Kyustendil region is known as the fruit garden of Bulgaria.

Kyustendil grape brandy


by volume

0,500 l.


The traditional taste of this alcoholic beverage is the result of time-honored methods and craftsmanship we employ in its production. The flavor profile of the grape brandy is soft, rich, and complex, with fine fruit notes that add depth and character to each sip.

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Cherry brandy

White color, clean taste, elegant aroma of Kyustendil cherry.